Arthur Rann

Second Graders Celebrate Earth Day

Arthur Rann’s Second Graders celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. Joe’s Farm Market generously donated pansies for the students to plant. Everyone got a little dirty and had fun beautifying the entrance of their school. The students are very proud of their contribution and participation in Earth Day. They are enjoying seeing their flowers, and surely all visitors are enjoying them, too!

Cultural Foods Day

The Third grade classes completed their study on cultures with their annual Cultural Foods Day. Families were invited to bring in foods from their cultures to share with their classmates. Throughout our lessons, students shared and learned many things about the many cultures that make up our diverse community. We were so pleased to see various foods to try during our culture celebration.
Thank you to the families that sent in food.
Thank you to the parents who volunteered and helped make this day a success.
We would also like to thank the Galloway Township Education Association for supporting us and donating all of the paper products, juice, and those cool color changing cups.

5th grade GEM class

Fifth grade GEM students have continued our engineering design unit with a competition entitled, “The Tower of Pasta.”  Originally created by Odyssey of the Mind as a practice problem for students to complete in preparation for competition, the problem was modified into a fifth grade GEM challenge.  Students were randomly placed into six teams of two students per team, one from GEM 5a and one from GEM 5b.  They were given 30 minutes to build their tower out of nothing more than 40 pieces of spaghetti, 15 pieces of elbow macaroni, 25 miniature marshmallows, 10 toothpicks, 4 straws, and 5 adhesive mailing labels.  The goal was to build a structure that could hold the weight of a container holding additional weights (pennies).  Structures were built with this in mind, but unfortunately, four of them fell as soon as the empty container was placed on top.  However, two structures were very creatively designed with structure and strength in mind.  Those two structures were built by Long Bach & Kobe Bryant and by Lydia Mohr & Erik Mattson.  The competition progressed by having each team add individual weights (pennies) into their container.  Lydia & Erik’s creation which was 7.75 inches tall held up to fourteen weights but fell on the fifteenth.  Long & Kobe’s creation stood 8.125 inches tall and held up to hold an amazing thirty three weights before falling on the thirty fourth.  Future decisions will focus on what it took to make something structurally sound, and these ideas will be utilized in future competitions.

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The Tower of Pasta

100th Day of School

2014-02-25 14.05.26 The second graders had the opportunity to dress as a 100 year old man/woman.  The first graders completed very creative 100th day projects.


2014-02-25 11.57.43

2014-02-25 14.04.00


New Special Area Classes Schedule

Galloway Township has begun a new Special Areas Class rotation. Rather than each homeroom being assigned a special on a certain day of the week, we will be using a 6-day rotation.  Homerooms are assigned a special areas class on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6. The only special that changes in Health and World Language, as those are every other week.  If we are off any day the next school day would just continue the rotation.

You can find a master schedule that will list every homeroom and what special they have each of the 6-day rotation days.  In addition, we will post a monthly calendar that will tell you what day it is.  The rotation will also be given to you on the monthly student calendars that are emailed to you and available on this site.

Please click on the Special Areas Schedule Tab along the top of this page for the calendars.

Feel free to contact your students’ teachers or the school if you have any questions.


Field Day

Field Day is from June 2-6

Check out the June Calendar for the grade level schedule.