Commentator: television show; head quarters


 Real definition: writers of comments


 Final thoughts: I thought the books was inspirational to me and probably to other children.

Judson Moon became president of the You-nited States. As soon as you read Judson became president were you happy for him? why or why not?

            My prediction is maybe Judson will become more mature a better person and help the world a lot more then he was going to in the beginning.


Angelina Vs   Judson

                      Not running for president           Running for president

                       One year younger                       One year older


                         My prediction is maybe American will forgive Judson Moon and elect him for president  of the You-Nited Sates

At the party after the debate Judson read the papers and called Pete and talked to him.


Do you think Judson doesn’t trust and like Pete anymore, do you also think he will never trust anyone anymore?


I think that people will start to forgive him and will vote for him.

Scandal – I think it means drama.

A wrong immoral act that shocks people.


I think Judson will get into trouble for committing playdirism.

I think people might forget about “Moongate,” because he convinced them good at Monday Night Football.


When everybody was looking at Judson and wanting to shake his hand.

            Do you think Senator Dunn and President White are getting the same treatment? Why?



            I think Judson is going to start getting hated. I think Senator Dunn and President White are going to make him look bad by telling people lies about Judson.

Fumbled: Maybe fumbled means that you can’t stay in one place you have to move your body a lot. Real definition fumble means to be clumsily handle awkwardly. My prediction is maybe something terrible will happen they said in the last chapter.

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