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23 06 2014

Number the Stars Stop Motion Animation

19 06 2014

ASK Pep Rally 2014

3 05 2014

ASK Pep Rally Time!

27 04 2014

Check out the “History of ASK” playlist of the past seven years of songs…

…then vote for your favorite!

Padlet Links for Book Clubs

1 04 2014

Please use your team’s room # as the name on your post.

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

The Kid Who Ran for President

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Year of the Panda

Math Topic 12 Review

27 03 2014

Click Here for Show Me

Padlet with Wisconsin

11 03 2014

Click Here!

Envision Math Lesson 9-7

5 02 2014

Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Math Man

Fruit Shoot (Choose Level 3a)

Science – Water Cycle

4 11 2013

Animated Water Cycle

Welcome Back!!!

30 08 2013

We are excited to meet our new class and start the school year! This site will be used throughout the year to post homework, projects, and other useful links. Feel free to look around the site to get comfortable. Our email addresses are on the “Teachers” page if you want to contact us. We’ll see you on Monday, September 9 in Room 28!

Mr. Dunn & Mrs. Rizzo