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Lesson 3

Letter 3                                                             

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians:


Lesson Three of the Bully-Busting Program: Using
“I” Messages.
An “I” message is a response to conflict that begins with the
word “I”, tells the other person how you are feeling, when you feel that way
and what you would like them to do. We use “I” messages to be assertive and to
help keep communication open. They replace negative messages that we often send
that increase conflict instead of reduce it. Examples of “I” messages are as


  • I feel lonely when you leave me out. I want to play too.


  • I feel embarrassed when you laugh at me. I want you to stop.


  • I get annoyed when you kick the back of my seat on the bus. I want you to keep
    your feet still.


Please use this blank form to practice “I” messages with everyone at home.


I  feel ____________ when you_________________________________.


I want you to _______________________________________________.



Thank  you for being part of our Bully-Busting Program.





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