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 The students of Mrs. Hughes’s 5th grade class completed an essay about their favorite activity. Using their writing skills the students wrote about an activity that is special to them and why. Each student then created a PhotoStory.  Click the name to view the shows created by TylerAzaan, Amin, Hetvi and Natalie.

What is Mediation?


Mediation is a way to settle differences caused by misunderstandings, name-calling, gossip, teasing and arguing.  A neutral mediator helps students in conflict to talk about the problem and cooperatively work out their differences in a way that satisfies both parties.  Mediation is a win-win process.


Who are the Mediators?


Fifth and Sixth Grade students (pictured above), who were selected by their peers and teachers, who have completed a training program in mediation techniques, and who have attended regular follow-up training meetings are our peer mediators. 


A school counselor is present during the peer mediation session, but does not participate.


What is Their Job?


Mediators help the students involved in a conflict understand each other’s point of view so that they can solve their problems themselves.  Mediators do not decide who is wrong, but they are there to help the disputants find creative and workable solutions to their conflicts and disagreements.


What are the Goals of the Program?


To provide a positive process for solving student conflicts in the school community.  To teach our students a practical life skill that will enable them to responsibly and constructively solve their own problems.