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Can you tell the difference between a European Starling and a Brown Headed Cowbird? For that matter, what is a White Breasted Nuthatch or a Common Grackle?  If you do not know the answers to these questions, please check with the students in room 12 or the Garden Club at Reeds Road Elementary School.

          Cornell University’s Project Feeder Watch is underway once again at Reeds Road School. Project Feeder Watch is a winter long survey of birds that visit bird feeders in North America.  The collected data is used to help scientists track the broad-scale movements of winter bird populations and long term trends in bird distribution and abundance.

Birds are identified and counted twice a week. Conditions such as time of day, temperature, and precipitation are also recorded. This information is entered via the Internet and is published in scientific journals and shared by ornithologists and bird lovers nation wide.

So far this winter the bird sightings at Reeds Road School are following the typical sighting trends in this area of North America. The Dark-eyed Juncos are the most numerous birds on a daily basis, followed by the Field Sparrow, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Tufted Titmouse, and Chickadee.

Check out the Project Feeder Watch web-site at www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw/ for more interesting bird facts, pictures, and a bird identification quiz for both novices and experts alike. 

Sixth Grade Has Eagles Pride!

Sixth grade students wear their favorite Eagles clothing in a show of support for their favorite NFL football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Philadelphia Eagles play their division rival, the New York Giants this weekend.  GO EAGLES!!!   


What is Mediation?


Mediation is a way to settle differences caused by misunderstandings, name-calling, gossip, teasing and arguing.  A neutral mediator helps students in conflict to talk about the problem and cooperatively work out their differences in a way that satisfies both parties.  Mediation is a win-win process.


Who are the Mediators?


Fifth and Sixth Grade students (pictured above), who were selected by their peers and teachers, who have completed a training program in mediation techniques, and who have attended regular follow-up training meetings are our peer mediators. 


A school counselor is present during the peer mediation session, but does not participate.


What is Their Job?


Mediators help the students involved in a conflict understand each other’s point of view so that they can solve their problems themselves.  Mediators do not decide who is wrong, but they are there to help the disputants find creative and workable solutions to their conflicts and disagreements.


What are the Goals of the Program?


To provide a positive process for solving student conflicts in the school community.  To teach our students a practical life skill that will enable them to responsibly and constructively solve their own problems.


The Blind Experience

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you were blind? Well, the students in Mrs. Morales and Mrs. Rinylo’s Language Arts Literacy classes experienced blindness during a fun reading activity. The “Blind Experience” activity was used as a tool to enhance our classroom novel, The Cay, by Theodore Taylor, whose main character Phillip becomes blind. Students were blindfolded and asked to complete various tasks without their sight like a “trust walk” and weaving activity with the help of a guide. Great job to all of our students who participated!

History Alive in Sixth Grade

During the month of October, the 6th Grade students at Reeds Road have been studying Early Hominids during our Social Studies classes. Each student was given the opportunity to create a tool that could have been used by an Early Hominid. The tools could only be made with materials found in nature, nothing store bought! Check out the creative results. They really have brought History Alive!!  

On October 14th, all 6th grade Science students in Mr. Buckelew/Ms. Rinylo/Ms. Jeter/Ms. Ewert’s classes spent a period in the computer lab having fun learning in a new way. All students registered at an “online simulation site that powers inquiry and understanding”.  Follow the link below to learn more about GIZMOs.  Better yet, get your 6th grader to log onto the site and show you the Cell Structure gizmo… they all passed the test with flying colors! Can you beat a 6th grader?? We will be using GIZMOs to enhance our learning of Science and Math curriculum subjects. Much more to follow….

 Click here to learn more about Gizmos now.