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Miss Novasack and Mrs. Bruscato’s third grade class worked with Mrs. Monroe in the computer lab to participate in an online collaborative project called, “On the Same Day in March”.  The springboard for this project was the children’s book written by Marilyn Singer with the same title, “On the Same Day in March.” This book took the students on a tour to 17 different locations around the world to examine the weather “on the same day in March”.  Participating classrooms from around the world observed their weather “on the same day in March,” which also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day.  Each class recorded the information and posted the information, as well as any culminating projects, on this website:  http://onthesamedayinmarch.wikispaces.com/.  From this experience, the students were able to support their learning about geography, map skills and weather.  They were also able to seamlessly integrate technology into these activities.  The best part was skyping with a 4th grade class from Regina, Saskatchawan, Canada whom also participated in the online project.  You can check out our class contributions at: http://onthesamedayinmarch.wikispaces.com/Galloway+Twp%2C+NJ+USA.

People all over the world were consumed yesterday by the historic inauguration events of the 44th president of our great nation, and for the students at Reeds Road, it was no different.  While watching the 3rd grade students witness the swearing in and speech given by President Barack Obama, it was unclear how much they understood.  Afterwards, the teachers asked each student to describe, in one word, what the inauguration of President Barack Obama meant to them. The computer lab teacher, Mrs. Monroe, took the words and created a word cloud using an internet website (www.wordle.net).  Thanks to Kevin Jarrett, a local computer lab teacher for sharing this great idea! A word cloud gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently, then you have the ability to customize it.  Pictured below are word clouds from our third graders, then a school-wide word cloud from those who participated from Grades 2-6.  From the images, it is clear that the students understood the importance of this exciting event.  It may be difficult to find, but in the botttom word cloud a 4th grader summarized the event as Obama-tastic!

Mrs. McAvoy’s second grade class is thankful for many things.  They completed a multistep project to share their ideas with you.  In the computer lab, the students used MaxPaint to draw a turkey.  Next, they typed statements of thankfulness.  Lastly, each student recorded their thoughts in the Photo Story project below. 

Turkey Photo Story

On October 14th, all 6th grade Science students in Mr. Buckelew/Ms. Rinylo/Ms. Jeter/Ms. Ewert’s classes spent a period in the computer lab having fun learning in a new way. All students registered at an “online simulation site that powers inquiry and understanding”.  Follow the link below to learn more about GIZMOs.  Better yet, get your 6th grader to log onto the site and show you the Cell Structure gizmo… they all passed the test with flying colors! Can you beat a 6th grader?? We will be using GIZMOs to enhance our learning of Science and Math curriculum subjects. Much more to follow….

 Click here to learn more about Gizmos now.