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Ms. Hally’s 1st grade class received the book Making Cents by Elizabeth Keeler Robinson.  After reading the book to the class, the students sent a thank you note to Mrs. Keeler-Robinson.  Much to their surprise, Mrs. Keeler-Robinson wrote back and shared how her daughters had trouble telling one coin from the other and that’s how she came up with the idea for the Making Cents book.


The students were surprised to hear from the author and were very excited to write her back.  The students used the writing process to write her questions like: do you really have a lemon tree in your backyard, do you have money tree, did your daughters raised money with a lemonade stand?  Mrs. Keeler-Robinson e-mailed her response and posted a special message on her website.  The students loved seeing that Mrs. Keeler-Robinson wrote about them on her website.  You can see it too!  Click here:  http://www.elizabethkeelerrobinson.com/



~The author’s mother is Ann Keeler (Mrs. Regina Silver’s volunteer)

~She is also Mrs. Keeler’s sister-in-law

~She lives in California with her 3 daughters

~She’s writing a poetry book about colors

 The students of Mrs. Hughes’s 5th grade class completed an essay about their favorite activity. Using their writing skills the students wrote about an activity that is special to them and why. Each student then created a PhotoStory.  Click the name to view the shows created by TylerAzaan, Amin, Hetvi and Natalie.

Can you tell the difference between a European Starling and a Brown Headed Cowbird? For that matter, what is a White Breasted Nuthatch or a Common Grackle?  If you do not know the answers to these questions, please check with the students in room 12 or the Garden Club at Reeds Road Elementary School.

          Cornell University’s Project Feeder Watch is underway once again at Reeds Road School. Project Feeder Watch is a winter long survey of birds that visit bird feeders in North America.  The collected data is used to help scientists track the broad-scale movements of winter bird populations and long term trends in bird distribution and abundance.

Birds are identified and counted twice a week. Conditions such as time of day, temperature, and precipitation are also recorded. This information is entered via the Internet and is published in scientific journals and shared by ornithologists and bird lovers nation wide.

So far this winter the bird sightings at Reeds Road School are following the typical sighting trends in this area of North America. The Dark-eyed Juncos are the most numerous birds on a daily basis, followed by the Field Sparrow, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Tufted Titmouse, and Chickadee.

Check out the Project Feeder Watch web-site at www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw/ for more interesting bird facts, pictures, and a bird identification quiz for both novices and experts alike. 

For the month of January, the children of room 7 learned about Chinese New Year. They created Chinese lanterns and even used this theme in the door decorating contest.  As a culminating activity, we rang in Chinese New Year with red streamers and delicious orange slices!!  Mrs. Keyser spoke to the students about traditions and guided them in creating Chinese yo-yos decorated with calligraphy.  The students then enjoyed traditional Chinese candies, juice, oranges, and fried wontons.  This celebration was completed with each student receiving a red envelope, stuffed with chocolate coins!!  Luck and prosperity in the year to come!!!!

Now that President Obama is in office he has some big decisions to make!  One of those decisions includes choosing a new puppy for his daughters.  The girls were told that if they were good during the presidential campaign, they could get a new puppy to live with them at the White House.  What should they choose?  There are so many wonderful dog breeds to decide from. Mrs. Fuhs’ Fourth grade class wrote a persuasive paragraph on which breed of dog would be the best White House pet for Sasha and Malia. Here are a few samples…but of course the final choice will be up to the Obama family. We wish them the best of luck!  Below are letters written by Aniyah, Anthony and Gena.

A dog that would be great for the Obama girls is a cute little Yorkie.  They are very friendly and small.  The White House would still be clean because Yorkies don’t shed.  Yorkies are born with a beautiful black and tan coat and sparkling dark eyes. Yorkies have long, soft, straight fur.  The best part is they don’t usually bite.  The Obama girls would like this cute little dog because it’s so playful and has lots of energy!  Plus, Yorkies are so, so cute!!

By: Aniyah


The ideal dog for the Obama girls is a Maltese.  I think a Maltese is the ideal dog for president Obama’s daughters because the Maltese has human hair.  It doesn’t shed and they are not rough.  More reasons why the Obama daughters should get a Maltese is that a Maltese is very calm and loving.  It eats regular food.  It also won’t go around the White House knocking valuable or priceless items over.

By: Anthony


Well… Well… Well… looks like you are looking for a dog.  May I recommend a Jack Russel Terrier?  They are perfect for your family.  They don’t shed at all.  They love to run and play.  When you go to bed it may even sleep with you.  They love to be walked around the block with you.  They love to curl up on you when you’re lying down.  That is the perfect dog for you and your family.   

By: Gena


People all over the world were consumed yesterday by the historic inauguration events of the 44th president of our great nation, and for the students at Reeds Road, it was no different.  While watching the 3rd grade students witness the swearing in and speech given by President Barack Obama, it was unclear how much they understood.  Afterwards, the teachers asked each student to describe, in one word, what the inauguration of President Barack Obama meant to them. The computer lab teacher, Mrs. Monroe, took the words and created a word cloud using an internet website (www.wordle.net).  Thanks to Kevin Jarrett, a local computer lab teacher for sharing this great idea! A word cloud gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently, then you have the ability to customize it.  Pictured below are word clouds from our third graders, then a school-wide word cloud from those who participated from Grades 2-6.  From the images, it is clear that the students understood the importance of this exciting event.  It may be difficult to find, but in the botttom word cloud a 4th grader summarized the event as Obama-tastic!

Sixth grade students wear their favorite Eagles clothing in a show of support for their favorite NFL football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Philadelphia Eagles play their division rival, the New York Giants this weekend.  GO EAGLES!!!   


As the new year begins, many people reflect upon the former year and take the opportunity to set new goals and promises for the upcoming year. Mrs. Mollenkopf’s third grade students used voicethread.com to record their New Year Resolutions. Their resolutions are goals that they wish to accomplish in 2009. We look forward to checking back with room 32 to see if they were able to keep their commitments!  

Festive Music Abounds!

 The Reeds Road Advanced Band and Chorus held their annual Holiday Concert on December 18, 2008 to a standing room only crowd of anxious parents, family members, and friends. The Chorus started the concert with their traditional opening song, “We Gather Here Together”. Followed by, “Nice, Nice Christmas”, “We Wish You a Swinging Holiday”, “Sing We Now of Christmas”, and “When the Lights All Shine” featuring soloist Rebecca Krewina and Dylan Johnson. The Advanced Band opened their portion of the concert with “Believe” from “The Polar Express”. Followed by “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, “The Chipmunk Song”, and finally “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”. The concert ended with the combined Chorus and Advanced Band performing “Feliz Navidad”. Mr. Soltys and Mr. Fong both agree that this is one of the most successful winter concerts they have ever had recently, and look forward to an even more exciting Spring Concert in May. CD’s of the 2008 Reeds Road Winter Concert are only $10, and are available from Mr. Fong. Take a minute to enjoy Feliz Navidad

The students presented their “passports” and traveled throughout four different stations to learn about the US commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Thanks to the help of special parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conti and Mr. and Mrs. Bonelli along with special grandmother Mrs. Pencheff, the students experienced the food, culture and traditions of the island. Next the students learned about the music of the culture and made maracas with the help of Mrs. Waringer and Mrs. Keyser (FSA President). They then toured a museum of artifacts and information with Mrs. Keeler (Gem Teacher) and Mrs. Somers (ESL Teacher), where they “visited” and learned about the only rainforest in the US forestry system, El Yunque. It was an exciting time for all who participated. Next stop China!

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