Idrew this picture because it reminds when in the book when summer turned into fall!

Prediction: I think Boniface is going to grow old and live in an aparment and have a whole other adventure, just like when he was younger!

I also think he’s going to marry carolyne!

I think this book is a great book for other kids to read and I hope i read another book by the Author josef Holub!

Event: Boniface had his 12th birthday


Boniface told his uncle that all he wanted for his b-day was for him to pick him up and toss him into the air.


Question: What do you think he really wanted and why?


Prediction: I Think that when Boniface gets older he will immigrate to America to try to find Christian and Karolyn his old friends. 


i thought this book was very interesting and a little confusing but, overall it was a very good book


When Boniface followed cristian

near the devils ditch…..

Quistion: Why did Boniface want to

follow him? Because he knows that

it’s near the devils ditch! Wouldn’t you be scared?

Yes or No! And why?

Prediction: I think that since they found the Robber,

they are going to have a big feast with Boniface and celebrate!

Old- 1. He used the beating stick when the children misbehaved.

2. Made the students say things over and over again

3. Wanted them to call him “Herr.”


New-1.The new school master was nice

2. Did not make the children repeat things over and over again.

3. Wanted them to call him school master “gaunt”



Same- 1. Both school masters

2. Both are men



Prediction: I think that the new school master will continue to treat the children

 Nicely unlike the old school master






prediction: i think the mayor’s still going to think that robber knapp is a robber and try to put him in jail just because of his reputation.

I chose this picture because it reminded me of the storm that happened when Christian ran off into the woods. I think what will happen next is that the school master is going to go after Boniface because of how he talked to him.

Text to Self


Boniface and I will care about a friend if they are hurt, like when Boniface helped Christian Knapp.


My prediction is I think Christian Knapp will feel better and be okay since Frederika  and Boniface helped him.

Event: Frederika told Boniface and Christian that the schoolmaster was leaving Graab because he committed an indecency.


Question: why didn’t Boniface tell Frederika that he knew what the schoolmaster did and he tried to stop him and caused a big commotion?


Prediction: I think Boniface will tell Frederika why he thought he was going to an orphanage and try and see if Frederika can get the mayor to convince altmayer to come back.

Word: Consumptive: I think that this means a really sick person


The real definition is: using up; distruction  


Prediction: I think that the students will get a new school master and it will be friends with the robber and try to take something from the mayor  





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