Idrew this picture because it reminds when in the book when summer turned into fall! Prediction: I think Boniface is going to grow old and live in an aparment and have a whole other adventure, just like when he was younger! I also think he’s going to marry carolyne! I think this book is a […]

Event: Boniface had his 12th birthday   Boniface told his uncle that all he wanted for his b-day was for him to pick him up and toss him into the air.   Question: What do you think he really wanted and why?   Prediction: I Think that when Boniface gets older he will immigrate to […]

alana-wrap-artist3 i thought this book was very interesting and a little confusing but, overall it was a very good book

Event: When Boniface followed cristian near the devils ditch….. Quistion: Why did Boniface want to follow him? Because he knows that it’s near the devils ditch! Wouldn’t you be scared? Yes or No! And why? Prediction: I think that since they found the Robber, they are going to have a big feast with Boniface and […]

Old- 1. He used the beating stick when the children misbehaved. 2. Made the students say things over and over again 3. Wanted them to call him “Herr.”   New-1.The new school master was nice 2. Did not make the children repeat things over and over again. 3. Wanted them to call him school master […]

alana-wrap-artist2 prediction: i think the mayor’s still going to think that robber knapp is a robber and try to put him in jail just because of his reputation.

I chose this picture because it reminded me of the storm that happened when Christian ran off into the woods. I think what will happen next is that the school master is going to go after Boniface because of how he talked to him.

Text to Self   Boniface and I will care about a friend if they are hurt, like when Boniface helped Christian Knapp.   My prediction is I think Christian Knapp will feel better and be okay since Frederika  and Boniface helped him.

Event: Frederika told Boniface and Christian that the schoolmaster was leaving Graab because he committed an indecency.   Question: why didn’t Boniface tell Frederika that he knew what the schoolmaster did and he tried to stop him and caused a big commotion?   Prediction: I think Boniface will tell Frederika why he thought he was […]

Word: Consumptive: I think that this means a really sick person   The real definition is: using up; distruction     Prediction: I think that the students will get a new school master and it will be friends with the robber and try to take something from the mayor         vicky

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