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VVA Motto 2014

2014 Violence & Vandalism Awareness Slogan- Winner Room 8 – Ms. Martin/Ms. King’s 1st Grade Class



Happy Holidays Tiger
  • Tuesday, Dec. 23rd- Early Dismissal/ Winter Breaks Begins
  • Wed., Dec. 24th- Sun., Jan. 4th- Winter Break- No School
  • School Reopens Monday, January 5th


Come watch our Kindergarteners on this wonderful performance spreading Holiday Cheer! on December 18th @ 2pm



ROLAND ROGERS NEEDS YOU!! Volunteers are needed to read with children, help with homework, assist with art, music, science projects, etc., and to share their special Read more…



Roland Rogers Elementary School gets awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award from the New Jersey Department of Education Professional Learning Community Project.  (according to the award) “Roland Rogers is implementing a system to increase student learning through developing a successful collaborative professional development process.”  As a result of teachers working effectively in professional learning community teams, Roland’s academic achievement State profile has increased from 37% in 2012 to 85% in 2013!!!!

Picture – Ms. Cordero, BOE Vice President; Dr. A. Giaquinto, Superintendent; Dr. R. Moore, Principal, Dr. Gerald Woehr, PLC Project Director   


 Welcome To Roland Rogers Elementary School

Climbing to A Higher Level of Achievement 


Focusing on “Student Achievement” is the number one goal of the faculty, staff and administrators of the Roland Rogers Elementary School.  Roland Rogers has approximately 546 students enrolled and 84 faculty and staff members.  The school educates students in grades kindergarten to sixth, through the academic offerings in the four disciplines: math, English language arts (ELA), science / health and social studies.  We also offer world language, physical education, art education, music education, technology and library skills to all students.  Our special instructional programs include: English Language Learners, GEM (Galloway Enrichment Model), Special Education, and basic skills – Intervention program.


Academically, Roland Rogers’ continues to make great strides toward increasing student achievement.  Within one year, Roland’s statewide academic achievement peer percentile increased from 37% to 85%!  Roland’s academic performance is very high compared to its peers.  In the Spring of 2013, our student growth percentage was reported as being 100% and is considered very high when compared to schools across the state.  In the spring of 2013, we met our ELA target with an overall proficiency percentage of 79.5%.  We exceeded our 2015-2016 math performance target that was established by the state with an overall proficiency percentage of 83.4%.


At Roland Rogers we pride ourselves in working towards providing a Bully-Free climate,  parent volunteer programs and an environment where students are guided toward becoming good citizens and contributing members of the school and community.  Our students have eagerly participate in fundraisers which support various charitable organizations such as; Heart Association, JDRF, Leukemia & Lymphoma, Stephen Stiller Foundation, Beacon Church’s food drive, Tracy House, Roland’s toy drive and The Atlantic City Rescue Mission and in 2014 we raised over $10,000 for  St. Baldricks!


In the Spring of 2014, Roland Rogers was recognized by the New Jersey Department of Education & ERIC as being a top performing Professional Learning Community School.  Working within a professional learning community collaborative model, our teachers are afforded opportunities to consistently plan together and examine the many aspects which contribute to student achievement.  We look forward to continuing our academic and social successes – but we cannot accomplish this by ourselves…we need you, our parents!  Our parents and community volunteers play an enormous role in our school so please get involved and help us help your child succeed!

Dr. Robin L. Moore, Principal


 Photos by Ms. Valerie Polsinelli

Roland Reads! Roland Rogers Elementary School’s Independent Reading Program

Roland Rogers began a great new reading program designed to encourage independent reading while improving students’ reading skills!  We need your help! This program will require students to read independently at school and at home.  We need you to work with us to encourage your child(ren) to read short stories or novels on their own.  Please click here  for details! Improving reading skills will make a huge difference in your child’s overall education!

An Independent Reading Program for students in Grades 4 – 6


2013-2014 Reading Statistics
Student Participation
4th Grade Students 70
5th Grade Students 75
6th Grade Students 72
Total Number of Books Read by All Students 1,100!



District Website:

The Board of Education Offices are located at:
(CLICK on the above address for directions)
Phone: 609-748-1250 | Fax: 609-748-1796
District Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 4:30pm
Superintendent: Annette C. Giaquinto, Ed. D.
Business Administrator: Timothy E. Kelley, CPA


Grades: K – 6
105 South Reeds Road Galloway, NJ 08205
Phone: 748-1250 |Fax: 748-6563
Students Report: 8:50 – 3:20 (Early Dismissal 1:30)

Dr. Robin L. Moore
Assistant Principal:
Ms. Mai Gruber
Secretaries*: Ms. Judy Sheeran & Ms. Jill Whittles
*Click on Names Above for Email
Need Information? Call 748-1250

Roland   Rogers Main Office    Ext. 2062
Principal Ext. 2084
Assistant Principal Ext. 2062
Guidance Offices: Ext. 2029 Ms. Butterhof
Nurse  Ext. 2040 Ms. Wegman
CST-Child Study Team Ext. 2097  Ms. Pancari,  Ext. 2018  Ms. Galle,  Ext. 2060   Mr. Conte
Cafeteria Ext. 2057 Ms. Isgro
Library Ext. 2058 Ms. D’Addario
FSA (Family School Association) President- Mrs. Purdy (609)965-4218

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