Bully Proofing Program

We strongly believe that school can be a safe and nurturing environment for all.  One of our goals is to continue to create a caring community at our school where everyone feels safe and has a sense of belonging.  To facilitate this effort we are continuing our implementation of a state endorsed school wide safety program called Bully Proofing Your School.

This program will be most effective when the parental community, the administration, the staff, and the students all have a shared belief that kindness and a respect for each other is of great value in our school and contributes to a positive environment for better academic performance.  With the Bully Proofing Program bullying and aggressive behaviors do not have a place at our school and will not be tolerated.

The Bully Proofing Program consists of six lessons that will be taught during September for Grades 1-8 and September and October for Kindergarten. There will also be follow-up lessons on the early dismissal days.

Parent Information & Lessons:

Introduction Letter to our Bully Proofing Program (PDF)
Lesson One: Recognizing Bullying and Normal Conflict (PDF)
Lesson Two: Recognizing Aggressive, Passive, & Assertive Behavior (PDF)
Lesson Three: Using “I” Messages (PDF)
Lesson Four: Telling or Tattling (PDF)
Lesson Five: Bystander Strategies (PDF)
Lesson Six: Conflict Resolution Steps: The Win-Win Guidelines (PDF)


These topics will be reinforced and addressed throughout the school year.  Letters posted on our district web site to further explain the topics taught and discussed at the school.  Each school will present information regarding the program and law at their scheduled Back to School Night.  Further information is located on the District’s website.

Thank you for your support with this endeavor.  Your commitment to this program is important in promoting a safe and positive academic environment.


Roland Rogers’ School Level Anti-Bullying Specialist:
Ms. Butterhof: 748-1250, x. 2029
ButterhofC @ gtps.k12.nj.us






CLICK HERE for More Information
and for the Six Step HIB Lesson Plans

Roland Rogers’ Wall Combats Bullying
In the beginning of the year, every student signs a pledge to be bully free. That pledge is posted on the wall for the duration of the school year.

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