Meet the architect of the White House

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4 Responses to “Meet the architect of the White House”

  1.   Aushenay M Says:

    If the president wanted to, couldn’t he change the white house? Like, if Barack Obama liked the color red, could he change it to The Red House and have it painted red?

  2.   Keturah Moschella Says:

    I still can’t believe that James Hoban died at the age of 73!

  3.   Gracie S. Says:

    I wonder why I haven’t heard anythng about James Hoban before, when I think about it, the designing and building of the White House, as well as James Hoban, should have some more attention.

  4.   Rachel N Says:

    I think that’s funny how they had to held a contest to pick the builder of the White House.

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