White House Pets


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9 Responses to “White House Pets”

  1.   Leah d Says:

    wow, i found really interesting that John F. Kenedy had so many pets even a pony! i really never thought that so many pets could live in the white house.

  2.   Ryann Emmer Says:

    Wow, President Kennedy had a lot of pets !

  3.   Cristian Guzman Says:

    This was a good post. Iliked how John Kennedy had a horse. It was very interesting to learn about the presidents pets they had. The Japanesse Spaniel was so small it could fit in a pocket. I never knew a dog could be so small.

  4.   Simarpreet Janjua Says:

    I wonder what would happen if a pet gets lost in the White House. It would take forever to find.

  5.   Alyssa Brown Says:

    I think this was really interesting. i never knew how many pets lived in the White House.

  6.   Destiny Constantino Says:

    I never knew how many pets John F. Kennedy had when he was president in the White House.

  7.   Katherine Guardado Says:

    I liked this post! It was really interesting especially because it was about pets. Even though it was more about dogs because most of president’s best friends are the dogs and that is only because they are friendlier.

  8.   lexi p. Says:

    the history on the white house animals interest me so much. i love animals and being able to learn about the presidents past and animals both at the same time is kind of a bonus

  9.   Keturah Moschella Says:

    Who would have ever known how many White House pets there were. I would have never known personally!

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