Great Presidential Debates. Learn more!

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7 Responses to “Great Presidential Debates. Learn more!”

  1.   Maddie L Says:

    I found this cool because I did not know much about debates and i liked how they changed over the course of time.

  2.   Hilda C Says:

    I liked how it showed about past debates and how other universities learn even more about debates.

  3.   Brielle W Says:

    I believe people really need to listen to the candidates beliefs like they said in the video. People should not vote because of their race or what they are wearing. Because most of the time they do not have good beliefs.

  4.   Joshonda Says:

    I overall like this video. It was interesting to know about the past presidents and how this system/method has been running down our timeline for years now.

  5.   Jac S. Says:

    can’t believe that they started around 50 years ago…my dad was young then. Also, can’t beat politics these days; they have got to have the best lines ever.

  6.   joyce Says:

    This was a really great video and I will like to learn why they didn’t have debates in 1968 and 72.

  7.   Katherine Guardado Says:

    This was a great video! I learned more about Presidential Debates and that was what I was looking forward to.

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