10 inaugural controversies from history


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Obama got tongue-tied while taking his first oath of office in January 2009, stumbling over his words after Chief Justice John Roberts, who swore him in, had said a word out of sequence. Just to be safe, Obama retook the oath a few days later, but the conspiracy theorists had already sunk their teeth in.

2 Responses to “10 inaugural controversies from history”

  1.   JoJo Says:

    I found this interesting Mr. Rybka because Andrew Jackson Is really funny i wish i could have met him in person because he seemed very as you said ” strong”

  2.   Cailey M. Says:

    This article was easy to read and i found it very interesting. I was not aware Andrew Jackson was drunk dsuring Lincoln’s second inauguration. I learned alot and would enjoy learning more about the subject

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