Learn more about the Washington Monument

Click here to learn more about the Washington Monument

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8 Responses to “Learn more about the Washington Monument”

  1.   Aushenay McNeill Says:

    I saw the monument in person during my trip to Washing D.C a few months ago. It is beautiful. I wish i could have gotten closer, but it was still undergoing its repairs.

  2.   Jeannie L Says:

    That was something that is new that i would never of thought about learning about. I hope to vist Washington D.C one day so i can see the monument and the other buildings with my own eyes.

  3.   Hilda C. Says:

    This was very interesting. I go to Washington DC every year but i never knew anything about the Monument.

  4.   Leah D. Says:

    this was interesting. the momument is very huge and tall

  5.   Isaiah A Says:

    Try working in there with an elevator and 896 steps.

  6.   Aushenay Says:

    How were people in the 1800s able to create such a beautiful structure? I find it amazing that they were able to make a monument that is 555 feet tall.

  7.   Joy S. Says:

    Very interesting. The monument is huge!

  8.   Keturah M Says:

    The reading was very interesting. I didn’t know much about the Washington Monument, but I do know a lot now.

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