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The strategy we have been practicing is synthesis, in whch we use all of the reading strategies we have previously learned to figure out the theme, “big idea,” or gist of a reading. Use your determining importance, questoning, making inferences, visualizing, and making conections strategies to synthesize your reading, then answer this question:

What do you think the theme of your book is, and what strategies did you use in deciding this?

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Pages 54 – 61

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The skill we have been practicing is making is making inferences. Choose one character from your reading and make an inference about him or her. (For example, if your character answers questions in just a few words, and looks down at the ground when people talk to him, you might infer that he is shy.) What conclusions can you draw about your character from his thoughts or actions in the reading?

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In class we talked about making predictions based on clues or details from a text. Make a prediction about what might happen next in your book, and list AT LEAST two clues or details that helped you make this prediction.

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What inferences can you make about what’s happening in these pages? List details to support the inferences you make.

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Continue to practice the visualizing skill. Use your five senses to describe a scene from these pages that you were able to visualize very well.

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In class we have been working on the visualizing skill. Use your five senses to descibe a scene in these pages that you were able to visualize very well.

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Pages 10-17 Discussion

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Please share what you think the problem or conflict is in your novel. Is it surprising to you?

Also include a prediction for what you think will happen next.

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Please comment on your first impression of the book. Think about the following questions:

1. How do you feel about the characters that were introduced so far?

2. What do you look forward to the most in reading this novel?

3. Make a prediction. What do you think might happen next?

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Welcome to your blog!

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